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Luxury Homes in Beverly Hills, CA
Luxury Homes in

Beverly Hills, CA

No place does luxury and glamour with a hip California vibe better than Beverly Hills. Situated in prime of LA just outside L.A., this city provides a lifestyle like no other, as well as a long-standing reputation for being the area of choice among those who have made it to the pinnacle of their careers. It is also home to iconic landmarks, a high-end fashion mecca, and a plethora of exclusive amenities in a largely residential area. The mere mention of one of the city's zip codes – 90210 – immediately brings to mind images of affluence and grandeur, as depicted in pop culture.

Given the desirability of Beverly Hills, CA, it's easy to see why luxury homes for sale in the area come with uber-high price tags. These stratospheric home values come hand-in-hand with the promise of higher returns on your investment. This guide below will show you why.


Situated amidst the undulating hills of the Santa Monica Mountains, Beverly Hills, CA's prime location plays a big role in its allure. It's entirely surrounded by the City of Los Angeles, except for its border that faces West Hollywood. This places the luxury homes for sale in the area within easy reach of the vibrant cultural, entertainment, and business venues of the bustling metropolis.

Apart from convenience, the city's location also gives it a unique geographical layout. Streets in the Beverly Hills flats are walkable and wide, with beautiful, varied, and often grand curb appeal, in the hills the streets they are narrow, winding and very private providing residents with stunning views of the the Santa Monica mountains, City lights and the Pacific Ocean. These same hills also became a significant contributor to its development, with many of its first settlers being personalities from the Golden Age of Cinema who adored the remote feel of the area without being too far from their places of work.


Beverly Hills may now be known as the epicenter of California’s rich and famous but it used to be vast portions of hilly ranchland in the 19th century. This land was eventually bought and developed into a luxury residential community. Its turning point occurred in the 1920s − the Golden Age of Cinema – when the who’s who of Hollywood took to these hills for their own slices of Beverly Hills land.

Beverly Hills evolved throughout the 20th century. It was during this time when lavish mansions and estates started to fill the area, transforming it into the architectural hotspot that it is today. A booming economy followed the increase in population. Rodeo Drive, once a sleepy little town, flourished and was transformed into a luxury shopping and dining destination.

Luxury Homes in Beverly Hills, CA

Beverly Hills is home to some of the most gorgeous works of architecture you can find not only in the entire country but in the world. You'll find a mix of styles but Spanish Revival and Mediterranean-inspired homes are the most dominant as these reflect the city's early influences. You’ll also find a good number of designer homes created by architectural greats like Frank Lloyd Wright, Paul Williams, and Richard Neutra.

As one would expect, residential properties here sit on massive lots ranging from 3,000 to 28,500 square feet,12,000-30,000 sq ft plus depending on the neighborhood. By default, all luxury homes for sale in Beverly Hills, CA have upscale features but those on the higher end of the spectrum have even more special amenities like tennis courts, wine cellars, gourmet kitchens, and state-of-the-art smart home technology.

The neighborhoods

The city is divided into the north and south sections of Santa Monica Boulevard. Locally referred to as "North of Tracks' ' and “South of Tracks", the neighborhoods on each side have their own distinct vibe. The northern portion is mostly residential while the southern portion has a mix of residential and commercial spaces. Here are some of the most sought-after neighborhoods on each side of Santa Monica Blvd:

  • The Flats: The epitome of a Southern California aesthetic, it's defined by its wide, palm tree-lined walkable roads. It's also one of the oldest neighborhoods in the city so it has a high concentration of historic homes and buildings.

  • Beverly Hills Gateway: One of the most expensive neighborhoods in the county, it's characterized by stately mansions and intricate landscaping. It's also home to the vintage yet ever-luxurious Beverly Hills Hotel.

  • Trousdale Estates: Named after real estate developer Paul Trousdale, this luxurious enclave is synonymous with Hollywood's Golden Age. The lavish hillside estates that dot the neighborhood were once owned by socialites and members of the Hollywood elite. Now known for stylish mid century designed homes and contemporary new builds with jaw dropping views with jaw dropping prices!

  • Golden Triangle: The city's main commercial district, this is where you'll find a wide array of luxury stores, gourmet restaurants, and art galleries along the iconic Rodeo Drive.

  • South of Wilshire: Vibrant and trendy, this neighborhood is a frequent destination among young professionals since it's where some the city's most trendy cafes and restaurants are found.

Luxury Homes in Beverly Hills, CA
Luxury Homes in Beverly Hills, CA

The Beverly Hills real estate market has always been rife with activity. Home values have always remained stable, and in the last couple of years prices have increased considerably as inventory has been incredibly low, putting sellers at an advantage. Interest rate have increased and those buyers with cash or those who can afford to absorb the higher interest rates will find themselves with more options among the luxury homes for sale in Beverly Hills, CA to choose from.

What now?

While there's less competition in a buyer's market, the same principles should still apply in your real estate journey.

  • Do your research before putting money on the table, make sure you have an experienced knowledgeable agent to guide, negotiate and advise.

  • Get pre-approved for a mortgage if needed. Please reach out to me to refer reputable lenders.

  • Be patient while looking for a luxury home for sale in Beverly Hills, CA, and don't be discouraged if you don't find one right away.

  • Be prepared to negotiate because sellers are more likely to negotiate harder for their asking price in a buyer's market. This is why it is vital to have your own agent to represent you exclusively.

  • A local Realtor with years of expertise dealing in Beverly Hills luxury homes will certainly help to you find the perfect home but also negotiate the best price, advise on the legally binding aspects of the contract to protect you and guide you through the entire escrow process including inspections and further negotiations.


Beverly Hills continues to hold on to its reputation of exclusivity and refined living. The allure of its upscale boutiques and Michelin-starred restaurants is complemented by its laid-back lifestyle that’s centered around leisure and luxury. Here, residents are pampered with life's greatest pleasures and the best amenities money can buy.


Many restaurants in Beverly Hills have Michelin stars, so if you want to try out a new spot, the only question left to ask is the number of stars they have. Here are some of the most popular establishments in the area:

SPAGO176 North Canon Drive

Opened by philanthropist and chef, Wolfgang Puck in 1989, Spago isn't just a Beverly Hills favorite − it's a Los Angeles icon. It features mouthwatering meals like grilled octopus, roasted chicken, and spicy tuna tartare cones, but Wolfgang Puck's signature smoked salmon pizza is enough to make you want to swing by the place. Once you're done, try out their decadent chocolate lava cake.

MAUDE212 South Beverly Drive

This intimate Michelin-star restaurant is the first and only for Chef Curtis Stone. Established in 2017, it became an instant success, offering a nine-course spread of culinary masterpieces. It showcases Southern California cuisine and an amazing selection of wines.

NATE ‘N’ AL’S212 South Beverly Drive

Dining in the city may cost a pretty penny but there are still some more affordable options around like this long-time neighborhood deli. Have a hearty meal with sandwiches at Nate 'n Al's that are served in generous portions. Their classic Reuben sandwich comes with a hefty portion of corned beef topped with sauerkraut and Swiss cheese.

Luxury Homes in Beverly Hills, CA
Luxury Homes in Beverly Hills, CA

With a city like Beverly Hills where living the good life is a norm, you can expect retail options here to echo the luxury lifestyle associated with the area. There are numerous famous luxury brand boutiques, making Beverly Hills one of the most prestigious shopping destinations in the world.

Cultural attractions

Beverly Hills is home to several cultural attractions that offer a glimpse into its heritage and artistic expression. From impressive museums and quirky galleries to performing centers that host the world's biggest events, here are some of the city's must-visit destinations.

PETERSEN AUTOMOTIVE MUSEUM6060 Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles

If you're into anything and everything about vehicles, this auto museum will be worth your while. It has an extensive automobile collection spanning various eras, styles, and genres. Here, you can learn about the early days of car production, ogle at the iconic rides from blockbuster movies, and witness the coolest concept cars you've ever seen.

GAGOSIANBeverly Hills location: 456 North Camden Drive

As soon as you reach this petite gallery near Rodeo Drive, you'll understand why it holds a significant place in the art world. The place itself is a work of art – a Richard Meier design, it's characterized by expansive white spaces contrasted by rustic wood vaulted ceilings. It has featured contemporary masterpieces by the likes of Andy Warhol, Damien Hirst, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Jeff Koons, and many others.

For those looking for something to inspire, check out the events being held at the Wallis Annenberg Center. Established in 2013, it's one of the most treasured live venues in the county. It boasts two theaters, on top of several performance spaces, that play host to concerts, dance performances, and theater productions.

Luxury Homes in Beverly Hills, CA

Celebrity or not, people prefer to raise their respective families in Beverly Hills because of its top-ranked public school system. The Beverly Hills Unified School District (BHUSD) is regarded as one of the finest in the country, renowned for its commitment to academic excellence and holistic student development. It consistently produces students that go on to attend Ivy League universities.

Moreover, there are many highly rated private schools in and around the city. Please reach out for a full list of the finest of LA private and public schools, I will be happy to help, here are a few within close proximity:

Founded in 1900, this college prep school is known for its academic, athletic, and art programs. It has a highly selective admission process with an acceptance rate of just 10%. It consistently ranks among the top private schools in the country. In 2023, ranked it as #1 in California and #2 in the United States.

Located in nearby Mar Vista, Windward combines rigorous college prep programs with a more nurturing approach. Like Harvard-Westlake, Windward is also one of the leading prep schools in the country. It has produced several notable alumni such as Jason Schwartzman, Zoe Kazan, and Jakob Dylan.

Located in nearby Mar Vista, Windward combines rigorous college prep programs with a more nurturing approach. Like Harvard-Westlake, Windward is also one of the leading prep schools in the country. It has produced several notable alumni such as Jason Schwartzman, Zoe Kazan, and Jakob Dylan.

A non-denominational, all-girls college prep school, Marlborough has been empowering young women since its establishment in 1889. Renowned for its emphasis on academic excellence and leadership development, this school has established itself as a leading institution for girls' education. It consistently funnels out Ivy League-bound students.


When you make your bid to buy any of the luxury homes for sale in Beverly Hills, CA, know that there is a more nuanced approach to making the home-buying journey here a successful one. This will require the expertise and keen understanding of a professional who specializes in the Beverly Hills luxury real estate market.

If attaining your Beverly Hills home-buying goals is what you’re aiming for, then let me help you! I'm Caroline Fleck, a seasoned Realtor specializing in luxury properties in the City of Angels. Throughout my 12 years in the industry, I've helped countless buyers close the best possible deals despite the tight competition. I can provide you with the same white-glove service tailor-fit to suit your requirements.

You can count on me to bring you closer to your dream home and lifestyle in this amazing city. Call me at 310-508-5979 or send a message here.

Schools and Education

Bel Air is zoned under the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) with residents sending their children to several public and private schools in the area. Here's a list of schools in and around the community.

Neighborhood profile
  • Roscomare Road Elementary School

  • Community Magnet Charter Elementary School

  • Emerson Community Charter School

Private Schools
  • Marymount High School

  • Harvard-Westlake School

  • The Mirman School

  • Westland School

  • Stephen S. Wise Temple Elementary School

  • Milken Community Schools

  • John Thomas Dye Elementary

  • The Curtis School Elementary

Higher Education
Luxury Homes in Beverly Hills, CA
Luxury Homes in Beverly Hills, CA
Characteristics of Luxury

Homes in Bel Air

Architecture and design

Bel Air offers a wealth of architectural styles, including Modern, Contemporary, Mediterranean, Mid-Century Modern, and Tudor, just to name a few. Some of the older homes in the community have been restored and updated to reflect current design trends. There are many renowned architects who have designed homes in the area, including Norman Foster, A. Quincy Jones, Nile Niami, David Tenneson Rich, and Paul R. Williams.

and features

Some of the most coveted ultra-luxury homes for sale in Bel Air, CA have custom amenities, including tennis courts, bowling alleys, multiple-car garages, and more. These homes are situated on acre lots with sprawling lawns, outdoor seating, fire pits, and stunning views of the ocean and Los Angeles skyline.

Size and Price

Luxury home prices in Bel Air can range from $2 million to $50 million and more for an expansive and architecturally significant property with advanced home technology. Ultra-luxury homes can cost upwards of $100 million depending on features and location.

These homes offer tens of thousands of square feet of living space. Some of the larger properties in the community can have up to 14 bedrooms and 17 baths in addition to private home offices, entertainment spaces, and outdoor lounge areas.

Real Estate

Market Trends

The Bel Air housing market is dynamic and ever-changing. Here are some trends and investment opportunities that continue to make this community a prime destination for ultra-luxury real estate.

Current Trends

The pandemic had created new ultra-luxury markets in unexpected areas and created a resurgence in established ones like Bel Air. There is renewed interest in ultra-luxury properties, which are perceived as the top end of the real estate market as far as investments go. The in-migration of high net worth individuals from other places in the U.S. and from all over the globe has also created a new crop of viable buyers for these exceptional homes.


Despite economic uncertainty, real estate continues to be the leading and most preferred type of long-term investment for many Americans, according to a recent Bankrate survey. As many as 29% of respondents said that real estate was their top pick for investing cash for 10 years or more.

It should come as no surprise then that ultra-luxury sales were higher in 2022 compared to pre-pandemic levels, according to a Compass report on residential transactions and sales worth $10 million or higher across 53 U.S. markets. The report observed a demand for legacy properties among high net worth buyers who wanted to diversify their real estate portfolios.

Luxury Homes in Beverly Hills, CA
Work with

Caroline Fleck Today

Find ultra-luxury homes for sale in Bel Air, CA with a local expert. I’m Caroline Fleck, a real estate agent with Coldwell Banker Realty. You can reach me at 310-508-5979 or send me an email to get started. You can also fill out this contact form and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

I’ve helped buyers and sellers find the best homes in the Los Angeles area for over 12 years. My designations and qualifications include:

  • Certified Global Luxury Agent

  • Top 1% of Agents, Coldwell Banker Nationwide

  • Top #8 Producer for 2022, Beverly Hills Coldwell Banker

  • Americas Best/Real Real Trends Top 1.5% realtors Nationwide

  • Member of National Association of Realtors

  • Member of the Beverly Hills greater Los Angeles Association of Realtors

As your partner in real estate, I offer confidential and personalized service tailored to the needs of each client. When you work with me, you will receive meticulous representation, up-to-date marketing, expert knowledge, and complete attention. Contact me today to get started.

Luxury Homes in Beverly Hills, CA
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