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About Mar Vista – Palms

Mar Vista – Palms

Mar Vista is nestled between Venice and Palms. A lovely walkable neighborhood with dog walks and parks. Considered and up and coming neighborhood. Palms is only 2 square miles of mostly residential homes and a central location making it a great spot to be.

Mar Vista – Palms

Real Estate

Homes start at around $1mil, go up as high as $5mil with the median house price just under $2mil, Condos start at around $400,000, go up to $1,500,000 with the median being $800,000.

Mar Vista – Palms

Mar Vista – Palms


Suburban living but close to freeways for access anywhere

Schools vary according to address. Visit the site,

Enter an address or zip code to access all public schools within the district.
For a list of excellent private schools within reasonable distance call Caroline for the list.

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