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About Beverly Hills Post Office

Beverly Hills Post Office

Boasting the highly-desirable 90201 zip code, Beverly Hills Post office is a quiet hillside community that offers a variety of unique homes from charming mid-century modern classics to sprawling mansions. As you ascend the lush winding hillside, the magnificent vistas can be witness from every direction. Stately manors with tennis courts, pools, panoramic views and private entrances are scattered throughout Beverly Hills Post Office. For those seeking the ultimate in privacy and security, there are several exclusive gated communities from which to choose.

Beverly Hills Post Office

Real Estate

The gated communities attract celebrities and the elite for the security they offer. Mulholland Estates, The Summit and the most prestigious of them all, Beverly Park with spectacular grand mansions set on 4 acre lots.

Upper Benedict Canyon is well known a Tennis row, due to many of the homes having Tennis courts.

The Canyons of Benedict and Coldwater also offer more modest family homes.

Beverly Hills Post Office

Beverly Hills Post Office


Conveniently located with easy access to “both sides of the hill,” Beverly Hills Post Office is equally convenient to the Westside’s Bel Air and Beverly Hills or Sherman Oaks and Studio City in the Valley. For nature lovers, there’s plenty of beautiful hiking in the area, such as Franklin Canyon municipal park, which features a lake and a duck pond, as well as Fryman Canyon Park, home to the revered environmental advocacy group Tree People.

Part of the Beverly Hills Unified School District, Beverly Hills Post offices offers families with children a variety of highly-ranked public schools, as well as numerous prestigious private schools. Schools vary according to address. Visit the site,

Enter an address or zip code to access all public schools within the district.
For a list of excellent private schools within reasonable distance call Caroline for the list.

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