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The perks of living in Encino, CA

Perks of Living in Encino
Los Angeles is a sprawling metropolis; the entire city covers over 500 square miles in Southern California. Nationally, Los Angeles is ranked as the second most populous city in the country. But due to its massive size, it is not as densely populated as New York City and Chicago. 

This is part of Los Angeles’ appeal. There is space to spread, making some parts of Los Angeles feel like a quiet suburban neighborhood. Residents may feel like they are somewhere remote, but the reality is that they are never too far away from all of the action. A few neighborhoods in Los Angeles are able to offer this kind of lifestyle, but no place does it better than Encino.

Located in the San Fernando Valley, Encino consistently ranks as one of the best places to live in Los Angeles. All manner of folk agree, from young professionals and families to Hollywood celebrities and industry heavyweights. Continue reading to learn more about this family-friendly community and answer the question, “is Encino a good place to live?” 


Perched on the gorgeous foothills of the Santa Monica Mountains, Encino benefits greatly from its location. It is surrounded by an idyllic backdrop and equally prestigious communities, such as Woodland Hills, Sherman Oaks, and Bel Air. Encino is also connected to several main arteries, including I-405, Mulholland Drive, and US 101.

Encino is one of the oldest parts of the Valley, tracing its history all the way back to the 18th century. A Spanish expedition led by Gaspar de Portola arrived in California’s Monterey region in 1769. They traveled further south through Sepulveda Pass until they reached modern-day Los Encinos State Historic Park, where the Portola expedition spent two nights. Surrounded by old hammocks of oak trees, a San Franciscan missionary by the name of Juan Crespí christened the area as “El Valle de Santa Catalina de Bolonia de Los Encinos.” Over time, this name would be gradually shortened into simply “Encino.”

Nearly a century after the arrival of the Portola expedition, Rancho Los Encinos was created, covering seven square miles. It was eventually granted in 1845 to members of the Gabrielino-Tongva tribe as compensation for the mistreatment they received under Francisco Reyes, who once owned the land. Only four years later, ownership was transferred to Don Vincent de la Ossa. His former home still stands.

Unfortunately, the Encino Oak Tree — the 1,000-year-old tree designated as a cultural monument in 1963 — was felled by the El Niño storms of 1998. Today, only a stump and a plaque remains in the ground where it once stood. While this mighty oak that served as the area’s most iconic landmark is no longer around, “Encino” is still a perfect name for this vibrant neighborhood with tree-lined streets and verdant green spaces.

Today, Encino is known as an L.A. suburb with strikingly beautiful homes, upscale retail stores, and a large financial district. But despite this growing economy, Encino is able to maintain its quiet and relatively slow-paced way of life, attracting many affluent residents and Hollywood A-listers.



At first glance, Encino appears to be far from the thrills often associated with living in Los Angeles. There is at least 24 miles between Encino and Downtown Los Angeles, after all. 

On closer inspection, however, this relaxed and affluent suburb has plenty of offer. Is Encino a good place to live? The following benefits point to “yes.

  1. Year-round sunny weather.Need we say more? If you are not so fond of harsh winters and rain, then you can never go wrong with moving to Encino. Living in the Golden State allows you to enjoy warm and comfortable weather most of the year (long). You will not be needing your winter coat, as temperatures here rarely dip below 50°F, even during the coldest months.

    Encino’s year-round warm weather makes it an ideal location for outdoor activities. Go for a walk, take your family to a picnic at the park, or enjoy a day at Santa Monica Beach (only 30 minutes away). If you are someone who loves being outdoors, there is no better place to settle down than Encino.

  2. Access to nature. Encino might be located within one of the busiest cities in the world, but that does not mean the locals here no longer have access to nature. In fact, this is one of the major draws of the area — its abundance of green spaces and the urban retreat it offers its residents.

    Close by there are local hiking trails to take advantage of,  Top of Reseda Trailhead and Caballero Canyon Trial, offer miles and miles of wonderful hiking paths, allowing you, if you have the stamina, to hike all the way to Pacific Palisades, where you will pass natural waterfalls and spectacular views of the coastline.

    The Sepulveda Basin Recreation Area has around 2,000 acres of wildlife reserve where visitors can go kayaking, fishing, or birdwatching. The nature park is also equipped with lighted baseball and soccer fields that you can use if you are in the mood for a friendly competition.

    There is also Lake Balboa Park in nearby Van Nuys, where you will be welcomed with gorgeous landscaping and zen-inducing Japanese gardens. Here, you can engage in various recreational activities such as fishing, boating, and biking. You can also visit the Balboa Sports Complex nearby if you are looking for some challenge and action.

    Just south of Encino is the sprawling Topanga State Park. One of its access points is only about 10 minutes away from the heart of the neighborhood. Covering over 11,000 acres of the Santa Monica Mountains and approximately 36 miles of trails, it is recognized as one of the largest state parks within a city in the country.

    Other major attractions in Encino and nearby areas are Woodley Park, and Los Encinos State Historic Park.

  3. Good schools.Encino is known for its high-performing public and private schools, making it a great choice for families who have (or are planning to have) children. 

    Since Encino is a relatively small suburb, there are also few schools for you and your child to choose from. Despite this, you can be confident your child will get the best education possible as the schools here have a strong educational curriculum and low student-to-teacher ratio.

    Encino is served by Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD), one of the largest school districts in the country. Public schools located within the neighborhood include Encino Charter Elementary School, which is currently ranked as the 11th best elementary school under LAUSD

    Several private schools are also found within Encino. These include Los Encinos,  Westmark School, and Crespi Carmelite High School. The International School of Los Angeles is located nearby in Tarzana.

  4. Shopping and entertainment.Is Encino a good place to live? Well, if you are looking for a place that has the peace and quiet of the suburbs but with the convenience of city living, Encino is, indeed, a good place to live.

    Since Encino remains one of the most affluent communities in San Fernando Valley, it is no surprise that it offers a diverse mix of shopping, dining, and entertainment options to locals and tourists. One of the go-to places if you want to grab a bite or treat yourself to some retail therapy is the Encino Commons, also known as The Valley’s Miracle Mile. It is located along Ventura Blvd., between White Oak and Balboa. This vibrant commercial corridor is lined up with various shops and restaurants that cater to your needs and cravings.

  5. Diverse food scene.Aside from shopping and entertainment, another thing that makes the Encino living experience fun and exciting is its diverse food scene. If you are a huge foodie, you will definitely love the variety of menu options you can find here.

    Craving for Mediterranean cuisine? You should try dining at the Green Cottage, which offers great-tasting hummus, seared ahi tuna, pizza, and more. If you want to enjoy good food with a nice view, go to The Oaks at Lakeside. This upscale organic cafe features beautiful al fresco dining spaces and a well-curated selection of cocktails and guilt-free fare.

    Uncle Bernie’s Deli along Ventura Boulevard brings the New York-style deli experience to San Fernando Valley. One of their most loved classics is their N.Y. Sky High Pastrami Sandwich, which is around two inches in meat thickness, piled with creamy coleslaw and Russian dressing.

    Other notable restaurants in Encino include Scratch Bar & Kitchen, Mora Italiano, and Vino Wine and Tapas Room.

  6. Convenient location and ease of commuting.Encino is just a few minutes away from Studio City, and going over the hill to Hollywood can be as short as a 20-minute drive. Living in Encino gives you access to the benefits of living in West L.A., but without all the hustle and bustle.
  7. Top-notch medical care. Adding to the list of why Encino is a good place to live is the world-class health care it offers its residents. Encino is known as a healthcare hub in California, giving the residents access to quality medical care whenever they need it.

    Some of the medical institutions in Encino are:

  8. Home of famous Hollywood celebrities. Is Encino a good place to live? Well, Hollywood stars think so. In 2020, pop star singer and actress Selena Gomez bought a 9,000-sq. ft. Encino mansion previously owned by the late singer Tom Petty and his wife. The Greatest Showman and The Amazing Spider Man star Zendaya also purchased a $4 million dollar estate in the area some time in 2019.

    This family-friendly neighborhood has also attracted several celebrity couples such as Blake Shelton & Gwen Stefani, Jenna Dewan & Steve Kazee, and Meghan Trainor & Daryl Sabara, to name but a few.

Encino,CA Real Estate Market

Encino residents are primarily from upper middle class to affluent backgrounds. So when you drive through Encino, you will easily notice quiet blocks of large homes, as well as areas with townhomes and apartment buildings.

Many of the homes in Encino are architectural gems, with styles ranging from Mediterranean and Spanish to mid-century modern and Cape Cod. Aside from being beautifully designed, one of the big pluses to owning  Encino real estate is that property lots are spacious compared to other neighborhoods in L.A.

In February 2023, homes in Encino, CA were selling for a median price of $1,996,500. This is higher compared to nearby L.A. neighborhoods. But with the right strategy and with help from a reliable real estate agent, having your own Encino estate will no longer be a far off dream.


Rising interest rates have been a trend in the U.S housing market for the past two years. And just recently, the U.S. Federal Reserve once again announced raises that would range from 4.75% to 5%

Market trends are some of the most important factors to consider as you plan your home purchase. Here are some helpful tips and strategies to help you navigate the shifting real estate market.

  1. Keep your credit score in check. Your credit score will influence your final rate a lot more than the overall market interest rate. Be sure to keep track of your credit score, dispute any error in your report, and allot enough time to improve your credit standing if you think you may have to enhance it.
  2. Shop around.Different lenders offer different rates. Take the time to shop around so you can compare and find the one that fits your needs and budget.
  3. Reassess your housing budget. If you cannot afford the higher interest rate, you may want to reassess how much house you can actually afford at present. It may be better to buy a more affordable house now, work on building your equity, and then check interest rates in seven to 10 years. If the rates have dropped, you can find a pricier house, but if rates are still going up, you will be glad you bought what you could at the current interest rates.
  4. Move fast. Interest rates are hard to predict due to a lot of factors. But based on past trends, rates probably will not be declining again for a while. The sooner you can lock in your interest rate, the better. If you do wait, rates could continue rising and you could miss out on years of equity building. Even if interest rates do drop, you can have the option to refinance later.
  5. Work with a local Realtor.In a period of rising inflation and mortgage interest rates, you might be reluctant to further your homeownership journey. This is understandable, as buying a home is a major decision with long-term effects. You do not have to navigate the real estate market on your own, however. With the help of an experienced real estate agent, you will be able to set yourself up for a successful homebuying experience.


Encino is ideally located and well-suited for individuals and families who want access to great schools and outdoor recreation. The pleasant climate, local retail and dining options, and sought-after housing market make this star-studded Los Angeles neighborhood an attractive long-term real estate investment.


Planning to move to Encino, CA? Consider working with a local real estate expert.

I’m Caroline Fleck. It is an absolute pleasure to meet you. As your real estate agent, I would like to guide you every step of the way until you successfully purchase your dream home in Encino. With over 12 years of experience in the Los Angeles luxury real estate market, I have helped numerous clients fulfill their real estate goals in the region. 

Let us get in touch. Call today at 310.508.5979 or send an email at c(at)fleckrealestate(dotted)com to set up an appointment. 

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