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In recent years, the Valley town of Encino, has experienced a residential renaissance with large, superior-quality homes developed on rare roomy lots not readily available elsewhere in Los Angeles. Since March 2012, Encino home values have increased by 78%. Even with this astronomical growth, Encino real estate is still considered a wise investment as home values continue to spike. With average home prices hovering around $1.5 million, Encino offers buyers a wide range of price and size options. Offering a retreat from the hustle and bustle of the city, Encino is still close enough to the Westside with reasonable commuting distances to studios and other business districts.


Real Estate

Huge new constructions on huge lots have attracted celebrities and the wealthy alike attributing to the increase of value of the homes. There are however also many more affordable homes for young families and an abundance of lower cost apartments and condo’s north of Ventura Blvd or the 101 freeway.




Popular with families as the area also offers easy access to Braemar and Cabillero Country Clubs. Golf, tennis, pools, family memberships also offer some summer programs for kids, and with highly ranked public schools and private schools within close proximity. Schools vary according to address. Visit the site,

Enter an address or zip code to access all public schools within the district.
For a list of excellent private schools within reasonable distance call Caroline for the list.

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