Why You Need Your Own Agent


I advise and represent you.

There is no cost to you the buyer; the seller, previously agreed to with seller’s agent, pays my fee.

I am sure you may be aware, the sellers agents obligation is to his seller, he represents the seller to get them the best price possible, they may not negotiate hard for you to save you money nor look after your interests (your money and legalities) as I will.

I negotiate the best deal for you. Beginning with the initial purchase price and terms and later with possible repairs or credits after inspections are done.

I handle everything for you from the beginning of your search until you complete (and beyond) Customer service is my priority.

There are no lawyers involved, unless there is a legal problem. I write the contracts and handle the legalities. I have a fiduciary obligation to my clients, and pro actively work to prevent unseen problems between buyer and seller.

I advise on the best residential streets and local public and private schools.

I have knowledge and access to all properties for sale in the Los Angeles area.

I email you all details and photos on properties that match your criteria.

I drive you to and view homes with you.

I advise you on value and long-term prospects of resale and value.

I point out any pitfalls of a property/street/area.

I recommend, supervise and oversee as well as co-ordinate surveyors, inspectors, tradesmen, valuer’s etc.

I am a well-known established agent in the area; you will get straightforward honesty, trustworthy advice and undivided attention and service.

I can also help if you need to rent a home before you decide to buy.