New vlog: you need your own representation as a buyer in LA

New vlog about ensuring you have your own representation as a buyer in LA.

This is my latest video in the series giving you advice on smart ways to buy and sell your house.

If you are thinking of buying the most important thing to do ise to engage a knowledgeable and experienced real estate agent to represent you.

The reason? A seller or landlord hires their agent to represent their best interests, to get the seller the highest price and the best terms. You really do need your own representation. It’s impossible for the seller’s agent to negotiate for you in the same way your own agent could.

It could not only potentially save you a lot of money as there are many negotiations during the Escrow process not just the purchase price, but more importantly your agent will help protect your interests as you are signing legally binding contracts on one of the largest purchases of your life!

The buyer doesn’t pay any part of the commission. The commission is agreed to between the seller and his agent before the house is put on the market, and split equally between agents. So you see there is no reason not to have your own representation.


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