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December, 2017: Providing advice to the entertainment industry, here are a series of videos produced for Hollywood Connections Center.

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Real Estate tips for International Artists coming to Los Angeles

For the information of out of state and international clients new to the area, lawyers are not used in real estate transactions in California. Realtors write and handle all the legal documents, all negotiations, and organize all physical inspections, it is important to have your own representation to protect your interests. As an Expat herself, Caroline is particularly knowledgeable in advising overseas clients and foreign nationals of every part of the process, from advising of the best location and finding rental when first arriving, to buying their first home in the US.

Real Estate tips/advice for artists coming to Los Angeles

LA is very spread out with virtually no public transport so it’s better to rent to get so you can get to know the different areas. We have so many varying areas: from the beach to the hills, urban to suburban.

Renting in LA isn’t cheap so weight up your options!

Real Estate tips: The importance of having an agent

It really is important. The first thing you should do is engage a knowledgeable, experienced agent. You really do need your own agent because of the way the buying and selling process works here in LA.

The seller’s agent acts on behalf of the seller and not necessarily the buyer–using the same agent could cause a conflict of interest so beware!

And, as a buyer, the seller pays the commission so it doesn’t cost you anything–there’s no reason not to have your own representation!

Real Estate tips: Renting v Buying in LA

Whether you’re renting or buying your credit score is vital!

There are many benefits to buying your own home but renting, especially in the short term, can be highly beneficial.

A look at some of the things you need to gather whether you are buying or selling.

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